Eastern Kentucky Reaction

12/13/2009 3:17:04 PM In a game with two new additions to the starting lineup, high expectations for victory and finals just around the corner, the Terps needed to come out firing and put EKU away early to re-establish themselves as a rankings-worthy team. They didn’t.

Bowie started over Vasquez because GV was late to a morning shootaround and Dino Gregory made his “triumphant” return and started in place of freshman stud Jordan Williams after being suspended for a violation of team rules. I’m willing to bet it was academic ineligibility because he was conveniently in on the day after classes ended.

I know Gary loves Dino’s energy and intensity, but it really only is a shot in the arm off the bench. He’s simply not as talented or as tall as Williams, and when you’re a starting center, that’s a big problem. Williams averaged 8.6 rebounds in the games up to this point, an astoundingly good number considering Greivis led the team (with Dino on it) with just over 5 a game last year. I completely disagree with this decision, and it sends the wrong message to the freshman who was doing a good job all things considered.

The defense was a huge problem. It seemed like every possession they were giving up either a 3-pointer or a wide-open layup. It was shameful. Dino’s strength is supposed to be his defense and his rebounding, but he was caught a number of times doubling when he shouldn’t, reaching, committing stupid fouls, and leaving the basket unprotected when they were running zone. Hopefully he picks it up the more game action he gets. It’s my guess that Gary wanted to give him as much time on the court as possible, which is why he was in for 33 minutes and Jordan Williams was in for 9. Nine! 4 points and 5 rebounds in 9 minutes, and he looked like a beast on the boards for the brief periods he was in.

Now it’s time to talk about Greivis. I’ll start off by saying that for the first time all season it looked like Greivis Vasquez was playing for the Terps. Vintage Greivis line of 20-6-5, and he dominated the second half. He was slashing, making tough shots, and even had two and-ones. He never got those last year, but he bulked up noticeably and is tougher and can finish those now if given the chance. His outside shot still isn’t falling, but he was acting like “one of the best playmakers in the country” which experts love calling him. Hopefully he can post an effort like this one (or better) in every game from here on out, because he’s capable of it. Maybe the most important stat was his 50 percent mark from the field, because he’s been abysmal shooting from anywhere all year long.

Some quick-hit, less important notes: Mosley looked solid again, but this is still, and was always, Greivis’ team. Mosley’s a more well-rounded player, but he’s not the leader and game-changer Vasquez is…Milbourne grabbed 9 boards, and he needed to. He didn’t when Williams was out there, which is why before last night he was averaging 4.4 a game – not what you want out of your power forward…Hayes made 4-8 threes, and has been cash money since day one this year, and as Gary Williams would say, he’s been doing it calmly…James Padgett didn’t make an appearance tonight, and it would appear he’s found his way into the GW doghouse. I guess Adrian Bowie and Cliff Tucker’s leases were up, and he was looking for a new tenant.
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