Duke v Maryland Preview and Game Thread

10/1/2010 9:00:26 PM

Duke Football
Duke Football. Catch the excitement.                  Image by dwehrs via Flickr

Duke supposedly has an offense.  41 points in the opener vs.Elon and 48 points at Wake.  Sounds impressive until one looks at the last two games.  13 points scored at Alabama and 21 points scored in a loss to Army.  Granted, Alabama is the best team in the country; but Duke couldn't put up big numbers vs. Army?  Let's just say that I'll be disappointed if the Terps allow Duke to score more than 3 TDs.

In the end it won't matter how our defense plays because 11 corpses could probably play better than the Duke D.  Their best effort this season was yielding 27 points to Elon!  Wake put up 54,  Alabama, 62 and Army totaled 35 points.  That is historically bad.

Maryland is an 8 point favorite.  We should win by 20.  Our defense may be suspect; but this Duke squad could set records.

In my mind, O'Brien is the starter until further notice; but I wouldn't put it past James Frnaklin to do something stupid and put DeMarr back in. O'Brien can throw down the field and that opens up the running game. Period. End of story.  There is no more debate.

Hopefully, the Terps' D will demonstrate some improvement.  If the Terps hope to compete against the Clemsons and Florida States, then they need to play better.  Tomorrow is a great opportunity to do so.
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