Double Thread: Maryland vs XXXX (BB) and Maryland vs. Indiana (FB)

11/9/2018 12:22:43 PM
In basketball, the Terps opened their season this week in less than resounding fashion eking out a 6-point win against minnow Delaware. The Terps had a 20 point lead at halftime but things went off the rails when Bruno got into foul trouble. Clearly, that's going to be a concern all year. Bruno is a player with no replacement and the Terps quickly became beatable on the interior without him. Sure the horrid shooting hurt as well (another concern we'll have all year), but the lack of frontcourt depth is simply an Achilles heel that Turgeon must figure out ways around.

Another disturbing theme is that we saw another Turgeon team wilt down the stretch. Why does that keep happening every year? Turge can't put teams away and it will come back to hurt at some point I'm afraid.

On the positive side, Stix Smith had an outstanding debut finishing with 19 and 13 and hopefully he can become a reliable scorer to pair with Cowan and Bruno. Tonight, the Terps take on Navy in Annapolis. It's a road game which is actually good because it helps with RPI (barely). It should be a blowout but with this many freshman and erratic shooting, all outcomes are on the table.

The football has their last best hope to get bowl eligible and Indiana comes looking like an equally mediocre squad to our Terps. Maryland is a terrible offensive football if they can't run the ball so the game will be decided on the ground. If the Terps can run, they win, If they can't they won't.

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