Done Deal: Maryland To Join B1G

11/19/2012 8:55:06 AM There is a press conference scheduled at 2:30PM ET today (spoiler alert: the Big Ten Network is carrying it live) to officially announce that Maryland is joining the B1G Conference. I've made my feelings on the issue clear in the previous thread so I won't rehash them here. 

I'll just summarize my feelings with the following:  you give us Pitt as a "rival" then you can kiss your biggest media market goodbye.  More updates later.

Update:  ESPN is reporting that the Board of Regents voted unanimously to join the B1G Conference.  I'm guessing the financial situation was worse than we thought.

Update (11:34AM): Wallace Loh- "I did it to guarantee the long-term future of Maryland athletics," university President Wallace Loh told The Diamondback of the decision to move. "No future president will have to worry about cutting teams or that Maryland athletics will be at risk."

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