Disaster Averted Redux, Maryland Escapes in OT Against Northeastern

11/15/2007 10:35:31 PM As I listened to Johnny Holliday over the web, I actually wrote the first paragraph of the post assuming that we were going to lose.

"Disaster Strikes, Maryland Loses to (gulp) Northeastern University

I am at a loss. The panic button is officially pushed. I cannot believe that I am writing these words. All of sudden, this team appears to be too young and inexperienced to do anything this year. One close game against a cupcake opponent is one thing; but to have two close games--and actually lose one of them is unthinkable. There is officially no floor for this team. The Terps could be bottom feeders in the ACC. Forget the NCAA tournament, can we finish over .500? The freshman are not ready for major college basketball, and besides Vasquez and Gist; the other guys are glorified bench players."

OK. Back to reality. Some will say, that a win is a win; but I know differently. The turnovers are absolutely killing Maryland and there are no words to describe the rebounding differential. UCLA and the ultra-quick point guard deluxe, Collison, are licking their chops. We could lose by 20 - 25 points on Monday. I just do not understand the performance in these last two games.

It is really hard to find a silver lining in this win. If one exists; it starts with the seniors, Gist and Osby. They saved the Terps tonight. Gist was an absolute beast with 27 points. Osby, in a complete reversal, hit 8 of 9 free throws down the stretch to bring the Terps back from a six point deficit.

Say what you want about the parity that exists in college basketball, but the error-filled performances in the first three games are unchartered territory for the Maryland program under Gary Williams. Maryland ALWAYS blows the Hamptons and Northeasterns out. Suddenly, they are taking us to OT??? Are Northeastern and Hampton not your run-of-the-mill cupcakes? Are they bracket busters? Maybe you could make a case for Hampton, but I really think that this is more of a case of Maryland just not being ready for prime time.

The Terps are inexperienced and sloppy. I shudder to think of what will happen on Monday. Let's just hope that the players don't lose confidence. With the big opponents that are looming on the schedule; we cannot afford a self-esteem crisis in light of the tangible problems we saw tonight..

All is not lost. They are young and will learn to play as a team as the season moves on. However, it is clear that there will be some bad losses and frustrations along the way. I am damn glad that it did not come tonight, but one was to think that it will be a longshot for the Terps to come back from Kansas City with anything but two losses.
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