DBR update 11/7/2008

11/7/2008 4:26:40 PM The Terps definitely laid an egg last night. Cosh has to go. He's going against a QB with a bum ankle and he doesn't blitz? What is wrong with him? Force the QB to beat for chissake!

The Terps still control their own destiny. If they can take care of business at home, they should go to a nice bowl. As for the basketball team, w'll get our first chance to see them this weekend against Rollie Massimino's team. Let's hope for less than 10 turnovers.

From DBR:

There’s been some postings here about possible transfers and certainly, attrition is always possible in the spring, but it would appear that if that happens, the Terps would likely save any ‘ships for the Class of 2010. The majority of players in the 2009 class will sign between 11/12 and 11/19. Any other 4-star or 5-star guys unsigned after that most likely have off court issues, academic issues, or are thinking about playing overseas.

If everyone returns for next season we should expect David Pearman to return to “walk-on” status. So for now the focus of recruitment will be on the all important 2010 class, and set up for the classes of 2011 (with Burney, Dupree, Gregory, Bowie , and Tucker ALL scheduled to leave in three years that will be a huge class for UMD) and 2012.

As far as recruit visits, Will Regan visits next weekend, for the Bucknell game, and then the UNC football game. UMD was one of the first schools to offer Regan but Arizona State, Michigan, and Stanford have been pushing hard. The Terps will need to show lots of love on the visit in order to stay in the mix. Regan is a versatile 6-8+ big man, with inside/outside skills and is equally terrific in the classroom.

Terps and Fighting Irish seem to lead for Taran Buie. Pitt and Terps appear to lead for Epps. Roscoe Smith is still waiting for an offer from UNC and should pop to them when he gets it.

Former Terps recruit, and son of John Lucas, Jai Lucas transferred from Florida. Since we have three players that can play the point on the team right now, I don’t expect the Terps to show interest (and we don’t have any ‘ships available at this time). Frankly, I expect Lucas to either wind up at Rice, Houston, or Oklahoma State.

For tomorrow’s exhibition game we could see the following starting five: PG- Hayes, SG- Vasquez, SF- Mosley, PF- Milbourne, C- Dupree. Bowie, Gregory and Burney off the bench. Mosley rolled his ankle in practice and if it’s a problem either Tucker or Bowie would start.
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