#4 Maryland vs Northwestern

There are two ways to look at Wednesday's way-too-close for comfort win against Penn State.

The positive view of which I tend ascribe is that never again will Trimble/Layman/Sulaimon/Carter shoot a combined 9-36 from the field. It wasn't like Penn State was paying incredible defense, the guys were just missing open looks. The win actually proved that Maryland can win when they play poorly. It also showcased just how good Diamond Stone will be as he continues to improve. He's just scratching the surface.

The negative view is that the Terps barely beat a conference bottom feeder at home and the games are only going to get tougher from here. 

While that's true, I believe a championship season is measured not by the perfect performances but by winning those games you probably shouldn't have. Penn St was one of those games.

As for tonight's contest, I will be in attendance.  I have good luck over the years but this is a different Northwestern team. Their only loss is also to North Carolina and they have excellent guard play. 

This is also one of the most meaningful games on their campus in ages and the crowd is going to be raucous. 

I think the Terps will want to start strongly to prove that the last game was an aberration. If the Terps can match the Wildcats intensity, then we should pull out a win. If Northwestern gets out on the front foot, well, it will be much tougher to pull this game out of the fire. Northwestern is way better than Penn State and they are at home.

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#4 Maryland vs Penn State

The Terps kick off Big Ten conference play tonight against conference minnow Penn State. While no game should be taken for granted, I can't imagine the Nittany Lions will be coming into the Xfinity Center and causing too much of a fight. We've seen Maryland keep teams in games with poor defense and this may happen again but the result won't be in d [...] Read More »

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#4 Maryland vs Marshall

Is it still basketball season? Feels like no given the Terps have played exactly one game in the last two weeks. Tonight is the final non-conference tune-up when Marshall visits College Park. This game  should not and will not be close.  Terps fans should concern themselves not with the final score but with the sharpness of the Terps on b [...] Read More »

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#6 Terps vs Princeton

The Terps play in the good 'ol Baltimore Arena tonight as the take on the Princeton Tigers.  The Bawlmer Arena is to arenas what LaGuardia is to airports: a relic of the past that outlived its usefulness 25 years ago. To me, it stands a monolith to Baltimore's futile efforts to masquerade as a major sports town. Yes I love the Ravens and Oriol [...] Read More »

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#6 Maryland vs UMES

The Terps have entered the final stretch of the non-conference season. UMES comes to College Park tonight and they are surely the worst team the Terps will play all season. UMES is fresh off a 50-point drubbing at the hands of Michigan State and I expect the Terps to demonstrate no mercy either. Despite beating UConn at the Garden on Tues [...] Read More »

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#6 Maryland vs UConn

There's a ton I want to say about this matchup but I am too swamped today.  Sorry. It's going to be a great game but if I had to put my prognosticator hat on, I'd say this game builds off the St. Francis performance and the Terps fire on cylinders from the opening tip.  We win by 10+. I will make it up in the comments. Go Terps! [...] Read More »

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University To Rename Byrd Stadium

The University just announced that Byrd Stadium is being renamed to "Maryland Stadium".  The effort is due to many campus groups' objection to having one of the University's flagship facilities named after a devoted segregationist.  The memorandum goes on to say that Byrd's contributions have laid the foundation for all the success the University h [...] Read More »

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#2 Maryland vs St Francis

I guess this will be the last time for awhile that we'll be able to use that #2 handle in front of Maryland. It was an entertaining game down in chapel hill but unfortunately the result went the other way. we can take solace in the fact that the Terps fought hard and overcame a horrific amount of turnovers to take the lead in the second half. Ul [...] Read More »

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ACC/B1G Challenge: #2 Maryland vs #9 UNC

While the incredible swirl around Maryland's search for a football coach continues, the basketball team heads down to Chapel Hill for a titanic match up with our old rivals, the Tarheels. It should be a great night.  The Tarheels enter the game as 6-point favorites.  They will welcome back their star point guard, Marcus Paige as well.  He'll be [...] Read More »

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#2 Maryland vs Cleveland State

Of course, the day I forget to put up a football thread is the day that Maryland finally wins a game. Congrats to the seniors for going out with a win. Now the coaching search can begin. I'm praying for Dan Mullen but I'm certainly not banking on it. Now, on to basketball. The Terps have a tune up tonight in preparation for the trip down to Chap [...] Read More »

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