Maryland vs Nebraska

Maryland's tournament hopes seems to be the thing that will never die. Based on what the sharps say, the Terrapins can still play their way into the Tournament. to do so, Maryland must win on the road. Nebraska has feasted on inferior Big Ten opponents and have won 7 of 8. They are playing very well and it's going to be really tough to win today. Maryland must win if they want to make the Tournament. It's hard to envision a bid if Illinois is our only road win all year. If we win and it's a big if, we can allow ourselves to entertain the idea of Tournament bid.

Author: Jeremy | 2/13/2018 4:16:56 PM |

Maryland vs Northwestern

This season crumbling all around us. Almost no chance for Maryland to make the dance now. Many folks are talking about how next year will be so much better with all the talent we have coming and injured players returning. Perhaps. I look at the current squad and see 4 guys who are supposed to make up next year’s nucleus (Huerter, Cowan, Bruno, [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 2/9/2018 10:59:23 PM |

Maryland vs. Penn State

The Terps have had very little success on the road this year so despite the fact that this is a winnable game; it is not going to be easy. At 16-9, the Terps need to win 6 of their last 7 games to get off the bubble and into the field. The schedule is there for the taking but with the decimated roster, Maryland will need to be great every nigh [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 2/7/2018 5:56:10 PM |

Maryland vs Wisconsin

The Terps limp in to Comcast to take ona poor Wisconsin team.  Maryland is in desperate straights. They really can’t afford to lose anymore games and now Ceko appears to be out for an extended period of time. The injuries afflicting this team are astounding. Today represents a chance to right the ship and build some momentum for [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 2/4/2018 8:43:12 AM |

Maryland vs Purdue

on a business trip so can’t do a write up. We are going to lose this game and it sucks [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 1/31/2018 8:21:24 PM |

Maryland vs Michigan State

Apologies for not getting a game thread up against Indiana. My 2 year old got diagnosed with the flu and with infants at home, it was a bit hectic. Everyone is ok now. The Terps on the other hand, keep giving away games. Indiana was another example a blown lead in the last 5 minutes. Incredibly, Joe Lunardi has Maryland listed as the “fir [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 1/28/2018 10:55:34 AM |

Maryland vs. Minnesota

I hope you are all recovered from Monday night. That was gut-wrenching. There are no moral victories. College Basketball is a zero sum game. You either win or you lose. Perhaps, there is some solace to be gleaned from the way the team fought back from 10 points down late in the game, although, the argument can be made that giving away a 14-point ou [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 1/18/2018 2:28:49 PM |

Maryland vs Michigan

Maryland limps into to Ann Arbor this on the heels of an absolute pasting at the hands of the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Wolverines are flying high after knocking off Michigan State in their most recent game. That adds up to a long evening for the Terps. Right now, Maryland has the look of a team that isn't able to compete. The Terps have been get [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 1/15/2018 2:19:36 PM |

Maryland vs Ohio State

I'm on a plane flying back from Las Vegas and I don't have the ability to put anything up outside of a brief post. Ohio State is coming off a massive win against then #1 Michigan State, a team that pasted Maryland by 30 points. The Terps need to play their best in Columbus to emerge with a win. [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 1/11/2018 7:11:05 PM |

Maryland vs Iowa

Tonight is the kind of game where we’ll find out what kind of moxie the Terps have. Maryland got pasted in the last 30 minutes of the Michigan State game. Granted, the Spartans shot an other-worldly percentage from three and some questionable fouls got our big men in trouble, but the Maryland Terrapins should never lose a game by 30 points. Th [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 1/7/2018 4:28:44 PM |
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