Maryland vs Farleigh Dickinson

The Terps are in the midst of the cupcakes and that continues with Farleigh Dickinson. Finals are over and hopefully the mini layoff didn’t create rust for the Terps to shake off. Let’s hope for a game with limited turnovers and continued hot shooting.

Author: Jeremy | 12/21/2017 6:05:12 PM |

Maryland vs Catholic

The Terps play Catholic University tonight in what amounts to an exhibition game. Catholic is not a D1 or whatever they call it now school so this game doesn’t count for or against their NCAA resume. By against I mean it doesn’t effect their strength of schedule. Hopefully the Terps don’t commit 20 turnovers against this level of competition. [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 12/12/2017 6:09:48 PM |

Maryland vs Gardner-Webb

Terp play Gardener-Webb today. This should be a blowout and probably will be. Maryland is coming off a resounding win against Ohio whereby they actually pulled away at the end.  Unfortunately the Terps still committed 18 turnovers- a ridiculous number that is going to continue to cost them games and could ultimately keep them out of [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 12/9/2017 11:46:25 AM |

Maryland vs Ohio

late getting this up. Blame my newborn twins. Ohio is a mid major. No leqd is safe with Maryland. Sets up for an evening of frustration but ultimately a win that does not hurt or help us. [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 12/7/2017 7:03:01 PM |

Maryland vs Illinois

I’m running out of things to say about this team. This run of underachievement has been demoralizing. I don’t want to pile on and blame Turgeon. Terps Twitter is saying he can’t coach. I disagree. His game plan against Syracuse was great. He solved their zone. The Terps failed defensively. To me, the larger issue is something a bit more n [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 12/3/2017 4:33:32 PM |

Maryland vs Purdue

The Terps are going to have to make it happen during the Big Ten season now that they have two regrettable and preventable losses in the non conference slate. The season hinges on Maryland’s ability to limit turnovers and figure out how to execute in crunch time. They don’t have a go to guy so the need to run offense. Melo ain’t walking throug [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 12/1/2017 5:51:13 PM |

Maryland vs Syracuse

I’m not sure I have the stomach to watch this game tonight. “But Jeremy, the Terps crushed New Mexico on Saturday including a dominating 27-6 run to the start the game” you say. To that, I respond that the Terps committed 22 turnovers in that win including 8 by Anthony Cowan. The chronic lack of ball security cannot end well for this team. Yes [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 11/27/2017 3:12:38 PM |

Maryland vs Penn State (F) and New Mexico (B)

Games like last night make one question the point of following this team. For all the talent and pedigree, the Terps’ performance was absolutely pathetic. One could point to the endless turnovers, or one could point to the complete and total lack of execution down the stretch. Perhaps you’d like to harp on the poor shot selection? Regardl [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 11/25/2017 2:19:57 PM |

Maryland vs St. Bonaventure

The Terps begin their road to the Destin Florida blah blah blah Tournament this evening against St. Bonaventure. The Bonnies have been in the A-10 for decades and have spent most of that time in the bottom half of the conference. Nevertheless, they are not cupcakes. I’d classify them as an upper-tier mid major. They are capable of beating big confe [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 11/24/2017 4:06:11 PM |

Maryland vs Jackson St

There are a lot of opinions about Saturday’s squeaker against Bucknell. The optimists will harp on the second half comeback, while the pessimists will focus on the listless first half. Personally, I’m inclined to focus on the former. Yes the Terps started poorly but it was the fourth game in nine days, they were coming off a “big” win against [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 11/20/2017 3:19:22 PM |
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