Maryland vs Ohio State (FB) and Rhode Island

Today is Jeckyl and Hyde Day for Terps fans. In the afternoon, we get to see the football Terps get pasted by Ohio State. It’s going to be ugly. Very ugly. It’s hard to fathom what’s happened to this team. That said, we are in year one of what will hopefully be a relatively short rebuild. Maryland now has top notch facilities and a great recruiter at the helm. Inexplicably, the delusional part  of our fan base is trashing Locksley and calling him a bad hire. This is a reclamation project folks.

This evening, we will hopefully be treated to what I believe is an elite basketball team. Rhode Island comes to campus for what should be a decent test. Rhody is often nationally competitive and they have a couple of local kids on the roster. The plan is for a double digit win but let’s all remember that Turgeon like to tinker with his roster in early part of the season so don’t be surprised if the Terps aren’t able to hold a big lead as Turgeon tries out different pairings and matchups.

Author: Jeremy | 11/9/2019 12:56:32 PM |

#7 Maryland vs Holy Cross

College basketball is here, folks! The Terps kick off the season against Holy Cross tonight.  This is Mark Turgeon’s deepest team to date and the Terps are highly ranked for the first time in his tenure. Much has been made of the offseason improvements of Jalen Smith. He has bulked up significantly and seems poised to take on th [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 11/5/2019 9:18:34 AM |

Gameday: Maryland vs Michigan 11/2/19

Well, at least it’s basketball season. That’s about all you can say about this football team. The performance against Minnesota was a low point and it appears things will only get worse today. A victory would be to only lose by 20-30 points. [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 11/2/2019 9:43:57 AM |

Maryland vs. Minnesota 10/26/19

The season is about to get really tough and Maryland has not come close to recapturing what they showed during the first two games of the season. It’s impossible to see a path to a bowl game or a winning season at this point. The goals now are for the players and Locksley to show the fans that they can be competitive and improve in what’s [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 10/26/2019 7:40:01 AM |

Maryland vs Indiana 10/19/19

This is the kind of season that can only happen at Maryland. After two games, it looked like the Terps had one of the best offenses in the country and now, Maryland looks like one of the worst teams in the Big Ten.  I’m not sure what we should have expected. The Jordan McNair tragedy is barely a year old, we’ve got a brand new coach and i [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 10/19/2019 11:35:48 AM |

Gameday: Maryland vs Purdue 10/12/19

today, we’ll find out if the season is salvageable. The next three games represents the Terps chances at a bowl game. The @Purdue, home vs Indiana and @Minnesota are all winnable. 6 wins gets the Terps bowl eligible. Anything after that is gravy. After enduring the humiliation vs Penn State, we shouldn’t expect much else. Locksley is building [...] Read More »

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Gameday: Maryland vs. Penn State -9/27/19

Well, here we go. The Terps pulled a classic 2 weeks ago by losing to Temple after being ranked. How many times across football and basketball has something like that happened to our Terps? Too many to count.  It will will all be forgotten if the Terps can pull off the upset. The stadium is sold out. It’s a blackout game. It’s there for the [...] Read More »

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Gameday: #21 Maryland vs Temple

File this under posts I never thought I’d write. This Maryland football team is on the cusp of something special. The Terps are ranked and the talk of the first stanza of this college football season. Admittedly, Syracuse felt like a borderline team to be ranked, but no one imagined that the Terps would obliterate them. 63-20. 63-20! 63-20!!! [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 9/13/2019 8:47:42 PM |

Gameday: Maryland vs #22 Syracuse

We will find out if Maryland is for real when they take on Syracuse. The Orangemen are ranked and coming off a great season. They looked a little lackluster in their debut against Liberty but they should bring the Terps an extremely tough challenge. Syracuse coach Dino Babers is familiar with beating the Terps as his victory when he coached Bowl [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 9/6/2019 8:48:42 PM |

Gameday: Maryland vs Howard

There is a lot of anticipation surrounding this year’s football squad. Coach Locks has done a fantastic job bringing in new recruits and some exciting transfers and that has created a palpable sense of excitement. We won’t learn much about the team today, however. Howard is dreadful and the only things we’ll learn will be on the negative side. Anyt [...] Read More »

Author: Jeremy | 8/31/2019 11:10:00 AM |
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