College Cup: Maryland vs Virginia

12/13/2013 2:02:33 PM Yeah that's right.  I'm putting up a soccer thread.  Deal with it.

The Terps are in their EIGHTH College Cup in 16 years and have a shot at their THIRD national championship in the last 8 years.  Would we love to see some of that success with basketball, eh?

This has been an interesting season for the Terps.  They started out with some uncharacteristic losses and after 5 or 6 games it seemed like they wouldn't even make it to the NCAAs.  Now, they are in the final four and play a Virginia team that they've bested already for a chance to go to the title game.

If it comes to pass, it would be Coach Cirovoski's most unlikely Championship. 

The game is in Philly and starts at 730ET.  If the Terps (they will always be the Terps to me) prevail, the Championship game is Sunday vs the winner of the Notre Dame / New Mexico semifinal.

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