Clemson Game Thread

2/7/2012 2:43:27 PM Here we go again.  Another winnable road test for the Terps. 

Our young Terps have been able to hang in with just about everyone they've played over the last month.  Unfortunately, they've come away with only one win.  That must change tonight if the Terps will harbor any hopes of the postseason (that includes NIT). 

This least five games have been frustrating.  The Terps seem close to putting it all together; but they lack the ability to close.  There are many theories.  they range from not having a second scorer to having too much 1 on 5 from Terrell Stoglin.  Another big factor is that we are dealing with mostly freshman and sophomores and they just haven't learned how to win in crunch time.

Like most things, it's probably a little of everything.  Clemson presents a test because Littlejohn Coliseum is a tough place to play.  The Terps have more talent and can walk away with a win if they execute. That means good FT shooting and minimizing turnovers.

Let's see what happens.



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