Clemson Game Day Thread

1/31/2010 8:42:15 AM From here on out, every game the Terps play is the "biggest game of the season" and should be treated as such.  But in my view, tonight's game carries a little extra weight.  A road win at Clemson will prove to the country that Maryland is for real and not just a good team feasting on lesser opponents.

Clemson's coach, Oliver Purnell has called the Maryland game the Tiger's biggest game of the season.  High praise perhaps, for the Terps; but it also means that Clemson will be properly motivated.  However, Clemson is not without its challenges.  Two of the their best players, are injured.  Demontez Stitt is nursing a sprained ankle and is doubtful for the game.  Trevor Booker just broke his nose and has been fitted for one of those protective masks.  He will start and should be unaffected, but you never know.  Many players have complained about the need to get used to playing with the protective mask.

None of this should matter.  The Terps are the better team right now.  Gary Williams has his players hitting on all cylinders.  They are shooting so well because they are executing the offensive scheme and most importantly, trusting each other.  Our defense has been incredible as well.

If the Terps win tonight, they will be playing with "house money" for the first time since 2006.  We will enter the month of February off the bubble in a good way.  That's the opportunity in from the Terps tonight.  Will they seize the moment?  I'm ready to believe.

Go Terps!
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