Chris Turner Speaks

8/7/2009 7:03:35 AM I thought I would pass on a link to an interview with Chris Turner on ACC Sports.  Turner doesn't give a lot of interviews and he comments on the coach-in-waiting situation.

In other news, the USA Today/ESPN Coaches Poll came out last night and it appears that there are two coaches who have faith in our Terps.  We got 2 votes.  That's 2 more votes than we normally get in preseason polls.  There are four ACC teams in the Top 20 (VT, GT, FSU, UNC) and another Terp opponent, Cal, is ranked #12.  The Terps will have their chances to slay a dragon or two.

Personally, I see no reason why the Terps won't be better than last season. They have a senior QB who has gotten better every year and they have arguably the best running backs in the ACC.  The defense will be more aggressive too.  I'm looking forward to the season.
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