Big Terps Weekend and DBR report

11/21/2008 2:03:10 PM Tonight is the start of huge weekend for Terps fans. Aside from a "are we able to beat mid-major teams by 20 points consistently" game against Vermont tonight; the Football Terps square off against Florida State for a must-win game.

Vermont is likely a Tournament team come March. However, if tonight's game winds up ending like last year's Northeastern game; I may have to stab myself with a compass. A solid win tonight and I feel like we can say that real progress has occured from last year.

As for football; the boys close-out Byrd Stadium tomorrow with a chance to get to 8 wins. If they win; the Terps will have earned the right to compete against Boston College for the right to play for the ACC Championship. The Terps still have a lot of business to take care of; but it all starts with beating Florida State. The Fridge will the team ready. If I'm not mistaken; the Terps can close-out a perfect season at home for the first time since 2001. Let's get it done

Before I get to DBR's latest update; I'd like to send along a link from our friends at the ACC Report. They have a nice little piece about the Football Terps. Enjoy.

Now for DBR:

After watching two games on ACC Select none of our questions have been answered by our big men. I'd love for Braxton to give us 10 points a game, but at this point I'd settle for some REBOUNDS. Braxton, and his back ups must rebound or it's going to be a long and frustrating season for the Terps and their fans. Steve Goins will likely get more playing time down the line, but the coaches must feel that he is not quite there yet. But clearly, if Jordan Williams and James Padgett arrive in tip-top shape next season they will get minutes and get them from game one.

Sean Mosley has some lingering effects of missing practice time with the sprained ankle. But he's able to do things while on the court that help this team. As he gets more practice and playing time he'll adjust quickly enough.

JSK has given the team offensive energy off the bench. How wonderful is it to have a guy come off the bench looking to shoot and can hit it from almost anywhere? As I mentioned back in the early part of fall, he does lose his man on defense from time to time so work is still needed there.

As far as recruiting goes...lots of chatter about people close to Will Barton wanting him to go to college close to home. Will Regan had a terrific time on his UMD visit. Wants to major in business and knows there are lots of business opportunities in the DC area. Talked about an Under Armor internship if he was a UMD student. While at UMD Regan met Lefty, Tom McMillen, Joe Tydings, and Congressman Steny Hoyer.

He's going to take his time visiting schools and likely make a decision after his HS season ends. He mentioned that playing at the next level with his AAU teammate Taran Buie would be "fun". Epps wants to play on the same team as Buie too...Buie must be a freakin' magnet.

The Terps front court <i>could</i> get crowded starting with the 2010 season. Dupree and Burney would be seniors, Goins a junior. But Baxter, Wilcox, Holden, and Randle managed to all get quality playing time while helping us to back-to-back final fours.

Regan can play inside or out. Can take his game as far as 20 feet from the basket according to his HS Coach. He’s not an above the rim/flashy player but is very skilled.

The Terps are also in the mix with wing players Victor Oladipo, Leek Leek, and Daryus Quarles. As for Roscoe Smith, I'd be very surprised if he pops to UMD. He wants to go to UNC and Georgetown appears to be his 2nd choice. As far as his recruitment goes, think Terrell Vinson. In other words, Terps are involved but other schools are simply ahead of us. Even though the Terps have offered and other schools haven't done so.

As discussed here, scholarship numbers and the play of our current bigs during this season, will be factors in how 2010 recruiting plays out. I'm told the Terps would like to bring in 4 recruits for 2010 but a ship would have to open up for that to happen.

Tonight's game won't be an easy win for the Terps, Vermont has solid bigs. I think that for a win tonight, getting off to a quicker start offensively than we did in the first two games is important.

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