Big Ten Semifinals: Maryland vs Michigan State

3/12/2016 12:12:38 PM It's Big Ten Semifinal day and Maryland has a chance for a true signature win today. Sure, the Terps have beaten top 20 teams this season, but always at home.

Michigan State is a favorite to get to the Final Four and a likely one seed if they beat Maryland today. In fact, they may be a one seed if they lose.

The Terps played Michigan State tough in East Lansing back in January but that seems like a lifetime ago.

Michigan State is much better and Maryland seems to have regressed since then.

Maryland looked great offensively in the quarterfinals as Nebraska could not stop them. However, the Terps played "olé" defense all night and allowed Nebraska to score 86 points. 

If Maryland is going to win today, they need to get serious about defense and rebounding. It's beyond ridiculous that at this point in the season, the team isn't tougher. The Spartans garnered 17 offensive rebounds back in January. If that happens today, the Terps may lose by 20. Maryland has one of the biggest front lines in the country. It's time for them to take on the responsibility of playing all 94 feet.

Can they do it? Of course. Will they? We'll know soon enough.

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