Beat UNC; Go Dancing

2/26/2011 7:44:15 PM If the Terps win tonight; the administration should consider changing the mascot to a Phoenix.  Because with a win, the Terps will have risen from the ashes to save yet another season. The task will not be easy.  Carolina has not lost at home all year. However, only a fool would count Gary Williams and the Terps out.  They've done it too many times before.

Besides, take a look at the matchup:

Maryland MARY 78.1 48.0 67.3 34.6 39.2 13.0 26.2 17.4 13.8 6.9 4.5 16.3
North-carolina UNC 77.0 45.2 65.7 31.8 42.6 13.9 28.7 15.2 13.3 6.5 5.4 16.3
Maryland MARY Opponents 65.6 39.8 68.5 32.2 34.1 11.8 22.4 12.5 15.8 5.9 3.6 19.6
North-carolina UNC Opponents 66.7 39.7 64.9 32.2 36.3 12.0 24.3 12.6 14.6 7.2 3.0 20.4

The Terps are stronger in every major statistical category outside of rebounding (where the Tarheels lead the nation).  You name it and the Terps have the advantage: points, FG%, 3P%, assists, and steals.  In fact, the Terps are in the top 18 nationally in every major statistical category that ESPN tracks on their team pages.  That is simply astounding given their record.

To win, the Terps will need to contain Harrison Barnes and Tyler Zeller.  Offensively, Maryland needs to maintain a balanced attack.  Jordan Williams can't do it all and that means the freshman and Dino will need to bring the momentum from the last 3 games with them to Chapel Hill.

If Dino is hitting the mid-range jumper and Stoglin is getting into the lane; the Terps will be fine.  We know Jordan will get his and the Terps are hard to stop with three legitimate scoring options. 

My guess is that a road win against the RPI #12 and the Terps will jump 12-15 spots from their current ranking of #85.  An RPI in the 50s will lock Maryland into an at-large bid, so there is still work to be done even with a win. It's my view that the Terps will need to win out (obviously) and then beat Virginia Tech in the quarterfinals of the ACCT in the 4/5 matchup to punch the ticket.

A loss and Maryland can forget about an at-large bid.  They will have to win the ACCT.

Statistically Maryland has proven they can play with anyone; but do they believe it in their hearts?  The only way we can be sure is if they go out and beat this UNC team.  Gary has owned Huckleberry Hound as of late.  Continuing that trend tomorrow night will turbo charge the fan base and elevate the season to a new apex.

Go Terps.

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