Beat Duke (Please)

2/11/2012 11:53:45 AM

 Well, the Terps are up against it now. Pe'shon Howard is lost for the year, and with him went our only reliable ball handler.  How can the Terps go on?

Here's the case.  Pe was the Terps 4th or 5th best scorer.  He turned the ball over a lot for a PG he wasn't shooting that well from the floor.  As long as someone (Faust, Stoglin, or Mosley) can get them into the half court offense, they should be fine.

Of course, I'd much prefer Pe to be out there, but I think the Terps can survive. Besides, teams across many sports tend to excel at precisely the moment when they lose a key player and everyone is counting them out.  Today would be a great time for the Terps to prove the rule true yet again. 

The Terps must win today or at UNC to have a chance at the NCAAs. Coming off a nice road win and five days rest, why can't they come through today? If Stoglin catches fire down the stretch, the Terps can beat anyone. 

Get to it.

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