Basketball Opener: Maryland vs Delaware

11/6/2018 6:10:07 PM

It’s basketball season!

It’s finally year and boy do we need a distraction from football.

Turgeon has another young but talented team. The veterans are where you want them to be: PG and C.

The goal as always is to make a run in the Tournament but Turgeon needs to prove he get into the Dance with regularity first. 

He hasn’t been able to do it without Melo Trimble and it’s hard not to doubt this year’s squad given its youth.

If they fail to earn a bid, then the groundswell will gather to oust Turgeon. He needs to prove he can win games he “shouldn’t”. What I mean is beating teams on the road or upsetting higher ranked teams. Those events have rarely happened in the Turgeon era and they have to happen this season.

It’s that simple.

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