Ahhhh... All is well... until 10pm tonight?

2/3/2009 5:05:52 PM It's been a nice few days of love throughout the Maryland basketball program.  Debbie Yow cleared the air publically, Gary was back to running down his resume and predicting next year's team will be ranked.  Hey, we've all seen the good that this team has to offer.  I believe he can make it happen, but we'll see.

So while we are all realistic in enjoying last Saturday's victory, we all know that they have a mighty task tonight on the road at North Carolina.  You can forget the Heels taking us lightly after what happened last year.  You know they'll come out to play and it will take a miraculous turn of events to win, but it's all happened before, so we'll see what the boys have in them.

If we can hit shots, we have a chance to keep it close.  If we don't, it'll be another Duke.
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