ACC Opener: VaTech vs Maryland

1/4/2013 4:51:46 PM We are finally here Terp fans! Turgeon and crew are set to tip off at Noon ET tomorrow.  

Virginia Tech poses an interesting test.  They have some nice wins (Ok St) and some perplexing losses (Georgia Southern). The Hokies sport the leading scorer in the ACC (Erick Green) but lack depth.  They remind me of last year's Terps squad.  Remember, when four guys would just stand around while Stoglin dribbled and then jacked up an off-balance shot?  Not good times. 

Still, the Terps haven't played a quality opponent in over a month and the Hokies are arguably the best team Maryland has played since the first game of the year against Kentucky.

Most folks believe that Turgeon has put together a really good team. It's finally time to start proving it.  I expect the Terps to play even with the Hokies for a half and then our superior depth will begin to wear on them.  

I think Wells and Len have huge days but the lead gets extended when our second team is in.  Guys like Chuck Mitchell and Shaq Cleare will dominate VT's second team.  In the end, I think the Terps win going away. 78-66.

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