A Win That Feels Like a Brutal Loss

9/12/2009 7:14:16 PM My goodness.

I am speechless. Well, not speechless, since I'm about to give my thoughts.

We did just about everything we could do to lose that game, but somehow we made the plays that a Division 1 team should make in a close game and pulled it out. You know what? Scratch that. We did NOT make the plays. Sure, in the overtime our defense finally came up big and we ran the ball effectively enough to set up the winnings field goal, but in regulation it was a flat out embarrassment. An embarrassement to the university. An embarrassment to the ACC and an embarrassment to all of college football. James Madison is a good team, don't get me wrong and they played decent, but look at all those penalties. Look at the missed field goals. They could have crushed us.

I mean, with the game on the line late in the 4th quarter, we couldn't even get our defense lined up in time. If JMU would have run to the left, they would have won the game. But we lucked out that they ran to the right. We lucked out that one of their receivers dropped a huge pass. We lucked out that our blitz finally worked in OT and prevented the QB from hitting a wide open receiver in the middle of the field.

We overcame the fumbled punt. We overcame a horrendous interception from Chris Turner that a true freshman would not have thrown. We overcame a boneheaded personal foul with the ball at the 50 late in the 4th. We overcame a dropped pass on 3rd down that would have gotten us into field goal range later in that drive. We just overcame. But that's not a good thing. If we were playing any other team on our schedule, we would have been run off the field.

I actually wished for the return of Chris Cosh midway through that 4th quarter. I can't believe I let myself think that, but there we were missing tackle after tackle. Overpursuing and missing assignments.

I know an win is a win and we are 1-1 which is damn better than being 0-2, but this program has proved it can do more. It proved that we should be winning at least 8 games a year and going to bowl games. Those programs do not lose to James Madison.

What is with our offense too??? I know they are concerned about the offensive line, but they only threw downfield 4 times the entire game. How many times are you going to throw the WR screen and expect it to work. How many times are you going to run the same play time after time and have it work??? So it worked in overtime when we finally ran effective?? So what? If we were playing anyone else, it wouldn't have even gotten that far. How does Scott disappear from the game for nearly the entire 2nd half???

This is a huge week for this program. We are going to face another spread team and those have killed us for years. The team has to sack up and show something. Alex Wujcak is the only guy on the defense that I've seen show some emotion. Get in there and hit somebody!!!

Because if they don't, this is going to be a long and brutal season.

Yes, a win is a win. It's good, but if things don't change, this could be the last win we get.
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