A Foul Performance Against Boston College

12/9/2007 10:23:25 PM We should have won this game, instead we lost. In a weird way, it reminded me of the football team's loss to Wake Forest. The Terps we in command and they fell apart at the worst time.

Maybe the season is cursed. The Terps played the best 10 minutes of the year and then Vasquez picked up that damn technical. That was it. BC hit all four of their free throws. Maryland missed its next shot and BC came down and hit a three. A 7-0 run. The Terps proceeded to fall apart for the next five minutes. Game over.

The technical foul by Vazquez was deserved. He let his emotions get away from him (as he always does), but I'm just not sure you remove someone from the game on that call. That is highly questionable. By making that call, the official decided the game. Would that have happened if Tyler Hansborough had pounded the padded support? I'm sorry, but I say no.

Later in the half, the same official called a foul on Osby instead of an obvious travel on Tyrese Rice. Oh, and then came the icing on the cake: with 23 seconds left Osby sized up a block and the official blew the whistle a split second before the shot. I actually rewound it to check. This was a grade A stink-bomb from the boys in stripes.

Regardless, the Terps have no one to blame but themselves for the loss. They fell apart after Vazquez fouled out. Sure, they fought back valiantly, but it was too late. There just wasn't enough time.

Let's talk a little bit about that comeback. Where the hell has that three point shooting been all year? Tucker is a player. He has a nice stroke and can hit the open jumper. If you team him with Hayes, that is a legitimate shooting backcourt with some long range prowess.

Milbourne asserted himself, but I like Tucker starting. He gives Maryland the shooting we need. Hayes played a great game. He really led the offense. He drove the lane when it was available. He made some great passes too. He will be our point guard. Case closed.

This season is officially on life support. At 6 -4 overall and 0-2 in the ACC, the hole we have dug is nearly an insurmountable one. I'm depressed. Lest the Terps find their stroke and go on a legendary winning streak during the ACC season, we are NIT bound.

I hate silver linings, but if there is one, it has to be the way they played for most of the second half. Tucker and Milbourne are beginning to assert themselves offensively. Gist and Osby continue to dominate the paint, and Hayes and Vasquez have cut down on the turnovers. If Gary can get the boys to focus on the positives perhaps the season can be salvaged.
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