Maryland vs Penn State

1/2/2018 6:04:13 PM

The Terps are set to take on an improved Penn State team tonight as the conference season really gets underway.

They’ll tip off with the added weight of rumors that Justin Jackson may have played his last game as a Terp. Yes, the word is that regardless of how his rehab from injury progresses, he will declare himself eligible for the NBA draft. This is astounding news considering how poor he’s played since last February but apparently he is set on it. I’d be shocked if he’s drafted so I guess he desperate for the D League or Europe but it is what it is. I wish him the best of luck. I hope the rumors aren’t true.

As for the task at hand, it’s the same old story. Commit less than 15 turnovers and the Terps will probably win. If not, they will probably lose. It’s pretty simple.

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