Maryland vs Minnesota

9/29/2017 9:29:36 PM

With Kasim Hill's season ending injury, the air came out of The balloon for the Maryland Terrapins.

Expectations of a fun and exciting season quickly disintegrated and fans are left wondering "how could this happen to us again".

It's a question worth asking but there are no answers. Sometimes you are unlucky. Sometime you are really unlucky. Sometimes you are really unlucky for the second time in four seasons.

The optimist will say that this year's schedule is brutal anyway and the Terps were a year away from competing so let's put the focus on next season when Piggy and Hill are a year older and wiser.

Ok, sure. I guess. I wanted to enjoy this football season and now I can't. It doesn't matter if it Bortleschlager is the guy or it's Caleb Henderson. These Terps will be a shadow of their former selves.

Yes I'll still be watching but it's not going to be fun anymore.

Oh and welcome to the new world of college sports. My hunch is that the FBI is going after everyone and there are many more days of reckoning to come.

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