What's After Melo?

4/5/2017 7:17:53 PM

Melo is officially gone. Where does that leave our Terps?

Clearly the young nucleus of Jackson, Huerter, and Cowan will form the backbone of the team.

The additions of Bruno Fernando up front and Morsell in the backcourt will bring needed toughness. It was hard watching teams like South Carolina and Gonzaga defend so tenaciously in the Tourney knowing that Maryland just doesn't put forth that kind of effort consistently.

Many are wondering if the loss of Melo may open things up for the young Terps. I'm one of them. I definitely felt at times that the whole team deferred to Melo and he either chucked a three or drove in the lane to either get fouled or hit a layup in traffic. This happened especially down the stretch of games and it took Maryland out of its offense.

Only time will tell, if Melo's departure allows the rest of the team to blossom but the smart money is on the Terps not being able to replace Melo out of the gate.

Turgeon has 2 scholarships to play with and he has a few options:

- hold them for the loaded 2018 class

- Bring in a few transfers

- Hope blue chip SG MJ Walker falls to Maryland


Getting Walker is the most desirable and also the least likely but one can hope. My guess is that Turgeon brings in at least one transfer and looks to save an additional scholarship for 2018.

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