Maryland @ Rutgers

2/27/2017 5:31:03 PM

Tomorrow's game against Rutgers is an absolute must win if Maryland is to avoid any bubble talk.

To put it simply, the wheels have fallen off the bus in February. The Terps had a magnificent January (New Year's weekend vs Nebraska was the only blemish) and have followed it up losing 5 of 7 in February. 

The problem is primarily defense. You can't give up 84 points to Iowa. What particularly troubling is the Terps performances in the second halves of games. Here's a stat: Maryland has been outscored in 8 straight second halves.

Who's at fault? Turgeon not making adjustments? The players losing their focus? It's not clear. What is clear that it must stop in New Jersey tomorrow.

Starting three freshman usually means the team gets better as the season progresses. That's not happening. It could be a bump in the road but the Terps need to get it together.

Failing to make the NCAAs after the start they've had would be an unmitigated disaster. Frankly, they need to beat the Spartans this weekend (no easy task) to really make me feel comfortable but at this point all the focus must be on Rutgers. They seem to play everyone close at the RAC so don't expect a blowout.

Intensity for 40 minutes is the only way to win. Time to shine gents. Time to shine.

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