#24 Maryland vs Iowa

2/25/2017 1:54:29 PM


There is no other way to describe the Terps right now. Losers of 4 of their last 6, the Terps seem to be running out of steam. Maryland has had leads in the second half during three of the four losses. The issue is hard to pinpoint but it's easy to point to the fact that we start three freshman and they are currently playing the longest season of their careers.

Turgeon needs to help them find their way through. It also warrants mentioning that that the league is adjusting to Heurter, Cowan and Jackson as more of their game film becomes available and their tendencies can be charted and then game planned against.

The Big Ten title hopes are now gone but it's critical that Maryland hang on to a top 4 finish. The only way that doesn't happen is if they drop games against Iowa and Rutgers. Either loss would be inexcusable but given where the Terps are right now, nothing can be taken for granted.

Today's game is critical. Get back to winning. Gather some momentum and prepare for the post season.

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