#21 Maryland @ Penn State

2/6/2017 7:10:03 PM

The Terps must rebound after Saturday's heartbreak as they go on the road to State College tomorrow.

If this team has a weakness, it's that there is sometimes too much deference to Melo Trimble down the stretch. It happened in the Nebraska game and it happened again down the stretch against Purdue.

Melo is so good that Turgeon is right to want all crunch time possessions to run through him. The problem is that leads to too much standing around and the Terps thrive on movement.

Cowan and Huerter are also great distributors and they should be touching the ball down the stretch too.  It doesn't happen in every game but it's happened twice and both games were last second losses.

Road games are always tough and Penn State has beaten some good teams this year so don't expect a cakewalk. The Terps are the better team and should walk away with the win.

It is very important that they get back to their winning ways as a loss here could be dangerous as the schedule heats up over the next two weeks.

This is still one of the best Maryland teams we've seen in ages and I think the best is yet to come.

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