2/4/20 Maryland vs Rutgers

2/4/2020 11:42:56 AM
Can you believe this was almost a top 25 matchup? Rutgers has had a dream season and look invincible at the RAC. We'll get our chance there in a few weeks but for now, Maryland has a chance to extend its winning streak and continue the momentum heading into a battle-for-first-place clash in Champaign on Friday evening against Illinois

Rutgers will be a challenge but Maryland appears to be playing up to the task right now. Maryland is playing like a top 10 team and the polls reflect that. The largest concerns for me continue to be the shooting from distance and lack of a post presence. Stix has been incredible but he lacks a back to the basket. In fact, Maryland doesn't have anyone who can post up down low. That will be a big problem as the season moves forward as the post is where you should go when you need a basket. That's a problem for another time (this Friday, perhaps?).  Tonight, I expect to savor yet another victory over Rutgers

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