#16 Maryland vs Nebraska

2/19/2015 9:26:40 AM After watching last night's epic Duke v North Carolina game, it is a little hard to stomach an underwhelming conference opponent like Nebraska coming to town.  Don't get me wrong.  This Nebraska squad is a decent one, it's just they aren't Duke or Carolina.  We are all excited about being a part of the Big Ten but the timing here hurts a bit.  Hard to argue with that.

In terms of the Terps recent performances, things have gotten better.  Close wins against Indiana and at Penn State have reignited our hope for a successful season.  The Terps have yet to regain their early season form, but progress is being made. 

The Terps big three have all scored in double figures the last two games.  Role players like Damonte Dodd have shown improvement as well.  The Terps biggest struggle right now is offensive rebounding.  It's virtually non-existent.  Without second-chance opportunities, it is difficult to win basketball games.  It has to improve. Maryland basically plays 4 perimeters  players along with one big man.  That big man is generally Damonte Dodd and he seems to be more of a shot blocker than a banger. We need a banger.

Cekovsky is not that guy. Jonathan Graham could be that guy if we were two or three inches taller but he's not.  This is the Terps achilles heel.  Teams that can exploit this by holding us to a poor FG percentage will likely blow us out. 

The good news is that there aren't any team that fits the bill on the remaining schedule.  Anything less that 3-2 down the home stretch would be a tremendous disappointment.  4-1 and even 5-0 are achievable.  Let's see if Maryland can kick things off with a comfortable win at home.  We haven't seen that in awhile.

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