1/4/20 Maryland vs Indiana

1/4/2020 11:43:38 AM

The Terps are officially done with the non conference schedule and play Big Ten opponents the rest of the way. We should expect a pretty tough go of it as early return later suggest the conference is deep. There will be no easy road games.

Either way, Maryland needs to figure a way out of a tumultuous December. In addition to playing atrociously Iā€™m back to back games against Penn State and Seton Hall, the Mitchell twins transferred off the team. The reasons are unclear but rumors point to them just not fitting in with the coach or the team chemistry.

The next two months are critical for Mark Turgeon. He must get this team to a functioning state or the calls will persist for a change. A consensus is growing that Turgeon is a great guy, good recruiter, and an ineffective tactician. He needs to string together some successes or his tenure at Maryland will become tenuous. The expectations with this team are too high for a middling conference record and a weak run in the NCAAs.

Indiana at home is a must win. No excuses.

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