1/21/19 Maryland vs Michigan State

1/21/2019 12:54:28 PM Heading into this 5 game stretch two weeks ago, I said the Terps needed to go 3-2. Now with only one game remaining over this brutal stretch, the Terps are 4-0. They’re prospects are soaring with some predicting the Terps land a top 4 seed in the Tournament. 

And now, the unthinkable. Can the Terps run the table? A win in East Lansing seems far-fetched, but it is hard to argue that Terps don’t have a punchers chance. Maryland’s big men have been dominant and the guards are shooting lights out. It feels like it’s really coming together. Bruno and Stix make life difficult for our opponents all game long, and when things do get tough for the Terps, we have a wily veteran guard with ice in his veins.

This is Anthony Cowan’s team. His play of late has evoked that of some other great guards in the program’s history. Names like Dixon, Vasquez, and Trimble come to mind. 

No one can count this team out anymore. They’ve been in every game this season, never losing by more than 5 points. Sure, that may end tonight, but my money is on the Terps giving the Spartans everything they can handle. If they pull it off, Maryland will be in first place in the Big Ten.

Let’s gooooo, Maryland!
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