1/18/20 Maryland vs Purdue

1/18/2020 11:53:21 AM

Is anyone excited about this game? Am I the only one that approaches every game with a sense of dread? I truly don’t get enjoyment out of it. My only hope is to avoid bitter disappointment. I’m compelled to watch but the fun is oozing out of me.

Earlier in the week, Terp fans got a healthy dose of bitterness with an utterly inexcusable loss at Wisconsin. I’m not a professional basketball coach but I’ve watched the game my entire life and Turgeon’s teams always look rudderless on the court. There is no offensive scheme. The players run a three man weave at the top of the key and then hand it to Cowan and hope he can create something. That’s it. No back cuts, no movement, no creativity. It’s been like this for years. 

Maryland has careened from great coach, no recruits in the latter stages of the Williams era to great recruits not-so good coach in the Turgeon era. 

The evidence is damning. I can’t recall a game that Maryland won where they weren’t at home or favored heavily. Even worse, during the moments where coaching matters most, in-bounds plays, coming out of time outs, etc., the Terps are consistently ineffective. At some point, it has to fall on the coach.

And that’s where we are. If this team limps home and fizzles in the post season, what’s left of Turgeon’s supporters will be gone. He’s signed through 2023 so the offseason will be interesting if things don’t change on the court quickly.

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